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Event Security: 4 Tips for a Safe and Smooth Gathering with Pono Security

Introduction: When organizing a major event, it’s easy to focus on entertainment, food, and beverages. However, one of the most critical aspects to consider is hiring the right security team. A well-chosen security team not only ensures the event runs seamlessly but also prioritizes the safety of guests and participants. With so many vendors and staff members to interview, it can be challenging to identify the ideal security team for your event. This brief guide offers tips on what to look for when hiring an event security team to help you make the best choice for your business or event.

Four Tips for Hiring an Event Security Team with Pono Security:

  1. Select a company with the proper experience: When choosing a security provider, look beyond mere security experience. Ensure that the company is fully licensed and employs qualified, trained, and licensed security guards. Experience in the local area is also essential, as it may lead to beneficial relationships with local law enforcement. A security team familiar with the area and its key stakeholders can handle situations effectively and efficiently.
  2. Work with a team who understands the venue: Experience at the specific event venue is crucial. Seasoned security professionals will be familiar with the venue’s layout, enabling them to secure the perimeter effectively, whether it’s an indoor arena, outdoor park, or amphitheater. With venue-specific experience, security planning becomes more streamlined, and the team can draw from previous plans, fencing layouts, and check-in strategies. Moreover, when VIPs are involved, an experienced team can provide discreet security measures for minimum exposure.
  3. Consider the size of the team needed: The scale of your event and the number of attendees will dictate the size of the security team required. Large events demand a larger team, and you may even want a remote surveillance team for extra vigilance. An experienced security team can offer guidance and recommendations tailored to the event’s size and format.
  4. Set expectations for the security team: To maximize the effectiveness of your event security team, communicate your expectations clearly. Define how you want them to handle various situations and what actions to take in the event of violence or threats. Discuss these expectations before the event to ensure everyone is aware of their roles. Clear communication is especially crucial when collaborating with local law enforcement, as both teams need to work together seamlessly.

Contact Pono Security for Your Event Security Needs: When planning a significant event, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of attendees is paramount. Security plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Pono Security understands the importance of a reliable security team and offers services tailored to your event, corporate function, or special occasion.

Contact our security support team to discover how Pono Security can provide the expertise, experience, and reliability you need for your next event. We prioritize your peace of mind, making sure your event is free from hiccups with a top-notch security team at the helm.

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