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Pono Security: Safeguarding Success at Zumwalt and Light of Liberty Events

At Pono Security, our mission has always been to prioritize safety and security, ensuring that every event we support becomes a resounding success. It is with great pride and gratitude that we reflect on two recent remarkable events in Oregon – Zumwalt at the Oregon Country Fair and Light of Liberty at Island Park in Springfield.

Light of Liberty at Island Park – July 4th

The people of Springfield celebrated their 4th of July at Island Park, where the spirit of freedom and unity shone brightly. Pono was honored to be entrusted with the safety of the attendees at this long-running family event.

True to our commitment, the Pono Security team ensured that the event was executed properly, with attendees and other agencies remarking at our professionalism. From managing access control to monitoring crowd movement, every detail was meticulously attended to. Our presence and vigilance contributed significantly to the event’s success, continuing the tradition of a worry-free event for the past 18 years.

Zumwalt at the Oregon Country Fair – July 6th – 9th

Zumwalt brought together a diverse tapestry of art, music, and culture at the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Oregon. Since this event was so laid back, Pono Security officers simply served as a visual deterrent and emergency support, and the attendees were able to enjoy the bonfires, drums, and dancing.

Dressed in our distinctive uniforms, our friendly and approachable personnel were readily available to assist attendees, adding a reassuring touch to the event’s ambiance. At Pono Security, we take pride in not only protecting but also engaging with the community we serve.

The Pono Security Difference

At Pono Security, our driving force lies in our unwavering dedication to excellence and adaptability to meet the unique demands of each event. We possess an in-depth understanding of event security, crowd dynamics, and emergency response, empowering event organizers to focus on delivering a memorable experience for their audience.

Our approach goes beyond being a mere security presence; it revolves around fostering trust and unity within the community. No two events are ever the same, but Pono guards are always thanked and appreciated for their commitment to doing what is right for each attendee. Throughout both events, we actively engaged with attendees, addressing their queries, and ensuring they felt safe and valued.

Gratitude and Appreciation

As this year’s Zumwalt and Light of Liberty events fade away, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for placing their trust in Pono Security. Our commitment to safety and security remains unwavering, and it is the trust bestowed upon us that fuels our determination to excel.

To our team at Pono Security, we applaud your professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Your tireless efforts have undoubtedly left a positive and lasting impact on all those who attended these events. Together, we stand as the guardian of cherished memories and shared experiences, committed to safeguarding the communities we serve.

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