Enhancing Community Safety: Pono Security at the Torrance California Armed Forces Day Parade

Two Pono Security guards talk as the Armed Forces Day colors are passing.

Pono Security played a vital role in ensuring the safety and success of the Torrance California Armed Forces Day Parade. Founded by Sean Wilson, a Torrance native, Pono is a proud veteran-owned company. With their dedication to security and community support, Pono Security’s involvement in this event highlights their commitment to excellence. In this article, […]

Strategic Security Planning: Safeguarding Events with Pono Security

Three Pono Security guards are welcoming people to a neighborhood party.

In the dynamic realm of event planning, security is paramount. Pono Security, as an industry leader, deeply understands this responsibility. In this blog post, we delve into their strategies and technologies for effective event safeguarding, ensuring safety through Comprehensive Event Security Services. Understanding the Importance of Event Security Event security planning is crucial for events, […]

Ensuring Safety: Comprehensive Event Security Services

Hispanic guard wearing Pono polo in front of metal detectors at an event.

Event security services play a pivotal role in the meticulous planning and hosting of events, ensuring the safety and security of attendees, staff, and assets. At Pono Security, we prioritize comprehensive event security services encompassing various risk management aspects. In this blog post, we’ll delve into essential elements of event security, with a specific focus […]

Looking Back: Success at the World Athletics Championships

Four Pono Security guards are ready to assist in Eugene.

Introduction: When it comes to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of athletes and spectators at a major event like the World Athletics Championships, having a highly skilled and dedicated security team in place is absolutely crucial. Let’s take a look back at the time when Pono Security had the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise by […]

Event Security: 4 Tips for a Safe and Smooth Gathering with Pono Security

Introduction: When organizing a major event, it’s easy to focus on entertainment, food, and beverages. However, one of the most critical aspects to consider is hiring the right security team. A well-chosen security team not only ensures the event runs seamlessly but also prioritizes the safety of guests and participants. With so many vendors and […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Security Guards

In the realm of security services, the role of security guards is diverse and multifaceted. At Pono Security, we understand the significance of security personnel and the various specialized roles they play in safeguarding businesses, events, and individuals. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the most common types of security guards, shedding light […]

Pono Security: Safeguarding Success at Zumwalt and Light of Liberty Events

At Pono Security, our mission has always been to prioritize safety and security, ensuring that every event we support becomes a resounding success. It is with great pride and gratitude that we reflect on two recent remarkable events in Oregon – Zumwalt at the Oregon Country Fair and Light of Liberty at Island Park in […]

Why Our Professional Security Guards Are Essential for Your Next Party or Event

Pono Security guard working at a screening station.

Introduction Hosting a successful party or event requires careful planning and attention to detail. While you focus on creating a memorable experience for your guests, it’s crucial not to overlook the importance of ensuring their safety and security. At Pono Security, we understand the significance of a well-protected event. That’s why we offer professional security […]